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Embracing Sensitivity as a Strength

and creating a life of joy & pleasure

From stressed out and anxious into resilient, joyful, your authentic self

Embracing Sensitivity is a 4-weeks journey back into your body and joyful living. As a sensitive person you might feel stressed and anxious when the world around is embracing harsh values, but now it’s time to come back into regulation and embrace your sensitivity as a strength. Let your body show you the way back home, into a life of joy & pleasure.


For a sensitive woman who feels..

  • Easily overwhelmed and anxious

  • Often overanalyzing your emotions 

  • Stressed and burned out faster than others

  • Strongly affected by environment or people around you, and exhausted of always giving from yourself 

  • Difficulties with keeping up with your boundaries and taking time for yourself

  • Nothing you have tried seems to create a real, long-lasting results

This is your gentle transformation into:


Strengthened body-mind connection: You will learn to be fully present in your body and trust its messages. You will strengthen your body-mind connection and intuition to support you and guide you throughout your life. 

Better stress resilience and tools for rest & recovery: You will learn how to avoid chronic stress and to get back to regulation when dealing with everyday stressors of life.

Turning your sensitivity into your strength: You will understand how to make small but effective changes in your life to support your nervous system, while understanding your needs and challenges as sensitive person. You will receive practical tools to make better decisions in your everyday life and take responsibility for your own well-being.

As a sensitive person you are wired to feel intensely, and like everything in life, it has its ups and downs. But with understanding and commitment you can take your well-being into your own hands and create a real, lasting change. So I want to encourage you to live your life to the fullest - in your own terms, and to make it work for you. This course is not about trying to change you into something you are not - this is about trusting your body’s wisdom and using your sensitivity as a strength.

You will learn

  • How to regulate your nervous system to avoid excess stress and burn out

  • Practical, body-first tools for when you feel anxious or overwhelmed

  • Deeper understanding of the connection between your body and emotions

  • How to release body based memories and create space for your full, authentic expression

  • Coming back to regulation after chronic stress

  • Learn to embrace your sensitivity as a strength and use it to create a life of joy and fulfillment


Course highlights

  • 4 weeks of gentle transformation: each Monday you will get access to new pre-recorded and written materials + worksheets and tasks.

  • Meetings in Zoom: Once a week we meet in Zoom for a somatic movement class + time for questions afterwards. 

  • Highly practical, body first -approach: Understand your unique challenges and strengths as embracing sensitive living with practices that are easy to implement into your daily life.

  • Get support in a group: Meet other sensitive women in this path to share experiences and learn with each other.


"Thank you for bringing me back to my body! classes have been beautiful and powerful experiences where I’ve been able to feel my mind-body connection to strengthen."
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This is your cue to start honoring your body and living with ease

Have you ever thought that you feel too much and you “just need to toughen up”? This is a path that many sensitive people take in order to fit in. But what about softening even more and allowing yourself to really feel it all? 


As a sensitive person I know how difficult it can feel to maintain balance in your mind and body when you are wired to feel it all very intensely. And how easy it is to blame ourselves when rest of the world seems to operate just fine.


But although as sensitive people we have our own challenges, we also have our very own magic we can create when we learn to use sensitivity as strength instead of limitation. And it starts with listening our bodies. 

Let's go deep into:

Somatic Movement

Dive deep into movement practices for a profound mind-body connection, expressing through the body, releasing tension and creating well-being within yourself.

Nervous System Regulation

Learn techniques to enhance well-being and resilience and to address nervous system disregulation, like chronic stress or dissociation with bottom to up -methods. Learn to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and vagus nerve and to understand different states of nervous system. 

Body-Mind Connection

Increase body awareness in a safe and controlled way, promoting feelings of physical, emotional, and psychological safety. This is essential step for more body based living. 


1 / Here & now
  • Sensitive living: understanding your challenges and needs as a sensitive person, explore interoception

  • Somatic movement practices for better mind-body connection

  • Meditation, breathwork and restorative yoga practices to take you out of the head & into the body

  • Worksheets and journaling prompts for deeper reflection

2 / Time for a change
  • Nervous system regulation for sensitive people, vagus nerve activation and polyvagal theory

  • Somatic movement practices for your parasympathetic nervous system

  • Meditation, breathwork and restorative yoga practices promoting rest & recovery

  • Worksheets and journaling prompts for deeper reflection 

3 / Embodied action
  • Better stress resilience: managing anxiety and overwhelm, befriending your emotions

  • Somatic movement practices for connecting with your boundaries

  • Meditation, breathwork and restorative yoga practices for releasing body based memories and creating space for new

  • Worksheets and journaling prompts for deeper reflection

4 / Embrace it
  •  Finding your balance: understand your window of tolerance, dealing with hyper- and hypoarousal

  • Somatic movement practices for expressing freely throughout your body

  • Meditation, breathwork and restorative yoga practices for connecting with your joy & pleasure

  • Worksheets and journaling prompts to embody & embrace authentic living. 


Sign up and

Embrace Sensitivity as a Strength

Your journey back to your body and life lived with joy & pleasure. 


No risk - 100% refund if you choose to cancel

Try the course for 7 days and if you feel like it's not giving you what you need, you will get your money back. I promise that after the course you will have practical tools for regulating your nervous system and embracing body based living as a sensitive person - so you can live your life to the fullest.

Meet your guide

Hey, my name is Aino

and nowadays I live listening to my body first. My journey of recovering from a years long stress and anxiety has been a journey of understanding how being sensitive affects my nervous system, and creating a lasting change to my life through body based practices. I know how it feels to be wired to feel everything so intensely, and how challenging it can feel to find your baseline when you also want to function in a daily life - with work, relationships and all it includes. But I also know how we have so much power inside us when we embrace ourselves as we are - with our sensitivity, ability to feel intensely and care very deeply. 


I guide women into a journey of body based living, proudly embracing the sensitivity that the world around us is so often trying to numb. I want you to live your life to the fullest and in your optimal health, connected to your body and trusting your intuition. I hope you can see your sensitive side as fascinating as I see it - even fall in love with it. Because you are here to feel it all, and it really makes life more beautiful, filled with joy & pleasure.


Welcome to somatic approach

This course takes you into a world of somatics, but what it actually means? 


Somatics is a field of study and practice in bodywork, movement, and psychotherapy, based  heavily in neuroscience and research in fascia. In all somatic work you need to pay attention to and be guided by your internal experience. So it is much more how it feels to do something, rather than how it looks like. 


In somatic practices your body is your guide, so we need to start by building a strong body-mind connection. From there we listen the subtle messages from our bodies, release tension and create safety within. This is a bottom to top -approach, meaning that if we want to change something within us, we do it by starting from the body instead of our logical thoughts or mindset. So instead of just telling yourself "I need to calm down" and expecting your body to listen, in somatic practices you will bring your body first to a calm state, which then calms down your mind too. 


As a result of somatic practicing you will be connected to your body, and therefore to your intuition, joy and pleasure. You will understand your body's needs and responses, and have a plenty of practical tools to bring your body to a balance, harmony and building resilience. This is especially beneficial for people in the more sensitive side, as we are often already tuned in to listening the messages from our bodies, but just don't have the right tools to understand them and follow with action. 

"I feel calm and centered, grounded. I really surprised myself!"


When can I start?

What if I can't finish the course in 4 weeks?

What if I can't finish the materials on 4 weeks?

The materials will be released week by week, and then they are available to you for the rest of the year.  There will also be replay available of the Zoom classes, in case you can't make it on the day. 

The course will start August 5th, and after that you will get access to new materials each Monday. 

I am not sure if I relate as "highly sensitive person". Is this still useful for me?

Nervous system regulation and stress management are important skills for everyone, and although this course is designed specially for women in the more sensitive side, it can definitely help you to get more in touch with your body and senses.


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