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The basic exercise

The basic exercise is simple, yet powerful tool to activate your vagus nerve and the parasympathetic nervous system. Try it first laying down, and when you are comfortable with it, practice it also seated or standing up.

The basic exercise can be easily done almost anywhere at any time. Always move slowly, and wait for a response from your body. When vagus nerve gets activated, you might feel like a releasing sensation, feeling relaxed, yawning etc.

Lay down on your back (or take a comfortable seated position). When laying down, you can interlock your fingers and let the head rest on your hands. Release the full weight of your head to your hands (or floor).

Slowly start to move your head towards the right, as far away as it comfortably goes. Then slowly bring your head again to the center, and turn your head to the left. Go mindfully side to side, keeping your attention in your neck and shoulders. Find a way of moving that feels good for you, that feels releasing for your neck and upper body.

Once you feel your body relaxing, bring your head back to the center and rest for a moment.

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