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Contact improvisation, contemporary dance & improvisation

Contact Improvisation workshop & jam In contact improv workshop we explore our body's relationship to others by using fundamentals of sharing weight, touch and movement awareness. Contact improvisation is based on modern dance, and with guided excersises we explore communication between two moving bodies and their combined relationship to gravity, momentum and inertia, as we go through wide range of movement possibilities. Sometimes it can be wild and athletic, sometimes quiet and meditative, but it allows you to practise trust, listening and reflective action. It is a playful kinesthetic practise that helps to become more attuned to your center and allow yourself to release weight and roll with momentum. The workshop & jam is open to movers of all levels, as previous dance experience is not necessary. We finish the workshop with contact improv jam, where there is no guided excersises, but everyone can join the dance floor and freely explore with different partners. This is a great opportunity to practise going with the flow and connecting spontaneously with other dancers through movement.

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