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Releasing Body Based Memories

Have you ever thought that your body holds onto memories? While body based memories and how the body is holding onto trauma is not a completely new subject, lately it has been getting a lot more attention in the neuroscience field. Releasing somatic memories starts with interoception, going inwards. We need to feel where in the body we hold tension so we are able to release it, to renew our energy and replace tension with spaciousness. Because to listen to your body you need space. Your body is constantly picking up information from around you, and turning your experiences into memories, saved in the body. So it can remember, even when the mind doesn’t. But when you store it all into your body, it can get suffocating. Your energy and expression doesn’t like to be confined in spaces where there is no room for expansion, and how can you expand when you are carrying everything with you? It is like that feeling when you have been storing all kind of stuff into your storage, and it just piles up and finally it is such a mess that you don’t even want to open the door. This is what can happen with our bodies too. We store memories and experiences in our bodies, and if we don’t make it a habit to clear out these body based memories, we are soon in a situation when we have that suffocating feeling. So we close the door and escape into our heads, we slowly disconnect from the body. There is just too much feel. But life lived in your head is not really life lived. So I want to encourage you to come back to your body, and to make it as your safe space, your home where you can live at ease. Because there is so much more to come, in future, if you just allow it. ---- During this course we take time to slow down and strengthen interoception, and we release tension with movement, breath and use of pandiculation. This is a process that takes more than one class, so give it time and commitment - and allow you to surprise yourself. Course happens during 3 workshops on Zoom: Tuesday 4th, Tuesday 11th and Tuesday 18th June. All the workshops will be recorded and available to participants afterwards, in case you can't make it to the live workshop.


  • Starts Jun 4
  • 55 euros
  • Online

Available spots

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