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Yoga & Meditation

Yoga with a somatic approach

These classes help you to connect with your own energy within as well as to find ease and lightness in the way you experience your body and movement. We move through different physical asanas, connecting the movement with breath and find peacefulness in short meditation. The classes are designed around a theme, which can be related to more physical or metaphysical aspects of life. Instead than following strictly any rules, these classes emphazises you to trust your own experience. Therefore you are always encouraged to challenge yourself, but in a way that feels good and is not forced. The purpose is to always to bring your mind and body closer together and enjoy the light and joy that moving in awareness naturally brings. Practising meditation regularly, be it 5 minutes or 1 hour a day, brings you to the moment and helps to experience life in it's fullest. It can be used for simply finding clarity and concentration for your daily life, as well as deeper connection with yourself and the sacredness of life all around. Altough we often do meditate in seated position, meditation doesn't have to be rigid, and turning inwards doesn't always mean stillness, but can be done while moving, dancing or in any other way of using your body as an instrument for allowing the life energy to flow freely through you.

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