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Somatic self-care: optimizing rest & recovery

This 4 weeks online course will take you into journey of nervous system regulation, working with fascia and reconnecting with your body in the ways of somatic movement, meditation/visualisation and breathing excercises. You will learn with theory and practice how to bring your body efficiently to it's natural rest & recovery state, without having to use hours of your day for calming down. 

  • Strengthened body-mind connection: huge advantage for understanding yourself and being present in whatever you are doing - training at the gym, learning new skills, enjoying your social life

  • Learn how to gradually bring your energy levels up and down - so there are not just 2 states you are switching between, but finding all the space and possibilities in between

  • You will learn practical skill set of regulating nervous system, allowing your body to more easily flow into rest and recovery state

  • Understanding how fascia, nervous system and other factors affect the state of your body & mind

  • Better sleep and more energy to go after your passions 

course starts 1.11.2023

sign up now for an early bird price of 80€  

Early bird price is available until 15.10, after that price goes up to 150€

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