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Somatic self-care: optimizing rest & recovery

This 4 weeks online course will take you into journey of nervous system regulation, working with fascia and reconnecting with your body in the ways of somatic movement, meditation/visualisation and breathing excercises. You will learn with theory and practice how to bring your body efficiently to it's natural rest & recovery state, without having to use hours of your day for calming down. 

  • Strengthened body-mind connection: huge advantage for understanding yourself and being present in whatever you are doing - training at the gym, learning new skills, enjoying your social life

  • Learn how to gradually bring your energy levels up and down - so there are not just 2 states you are switching between, but finding all the space and possibilities in between

  • You will learn practical skill set of regulating nervous system

  • Learn how to recognize tension in the body & release it, so you can be in your full expression

  • Understanding how fascia, nervous system and other factors affect the state of your body & mind - and how to work with it efficiently

  • Better sleep and more energy to go after your passions 

These are skills for life, and something that we all should learn in order to live fully and freely. And it's not too late! Let's start to build new and healthy habits so we can do what we are here for. To enjoy! And live! And feel it all. 

course starts 1.11.2023

sign up now and let's make november a month of self-care


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