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Flow & Serenity

Yoga & Mindfulness retreat in Montenegro

25.06. - 29.06.2023


Connection, Joy & PEacefulness

Join us to spend magical 5 days in beautiful Montenegro, full of yoga, mindfulness and movement practices that gets you truly connected with yourself and your energy. The retreat happens in Ashuma, luxury retreat center in mountains of Lovcen National Park. Here you can find perfect setting for enjoying peacefulness for body, mind and spirit, immersing in the beauty of nature and making connections with other adventurous souls. This retreat is perfect for slowing down from busy life and finding new ways to connect with your body, finding serenity in nature and taking time for yourself.



Each beautifully furnished luxury tent has private entrance and its own outdoor space, as well as bathroom and all the necessities, including towels, baths and slippers. Tents have panoramic windows with mosquito nets, and they can be comfortably shared between 2 people (2 single beds or 1 queen size bed). Thanks to the wooden floor and individually designed Balinese furniture and decor, here you can feel to be in perfect harmony with nature while also enjoying cozy living.



During this retreat we enjoy healthy brunch and dinner at Ashuma’s dining hall with delicious vegetarian and vegan menu options. Ashuma’s private chef makes sure that every day we get truly nourished with different world cuisines.



Ashuma covers 10 hectares in a serene valley, surrounded by mountain peaks and wild beech forest at a height of 1000 meters above sea level. It is a perfect place for recharging and connecting with nature. In the third day of the retreat, we are taking couple of hours to go for a guided hike in the surroundings, to get to truly enjoy the nature of Lovcen National Park.



Each day is opened with morning yoga and breathwork, designed to get us opened to a new day, with renewed energy. This hatha/vinyasa yoga class leaves you feeling energized with a clear mind.

The mindfulness workshops start around midday. During the workshops we discover techniques which help us training our ability to be present and mindful, gradually getting in touch with the practices and principles of mindfulness. All together as a group we experience the importance of being able to listen, feel and face ourselves, we learn the difference between action and re-action, providing us with the opportunity of consciously choosing, freeing us from the chains of re-action. Living mindfully means improving our everyday life, our relationships with others and ourselves and be free from conditioned behaviors.


In the evenings we have a relaxing Movingness-class (somatic movement technique) to activate the parasympathetic nervous system. In the class we go into a deep state of relaxation, and move slowly, finding enjoyment in movement, sensing ourselves from within and creating a strong connection with our bodies to feel at home in ourselves. The practice gives us tools to embody peacefulness, move in awareness and to let go of tension in our mind and body.


Each day is closed with a cozy evening circle by fire, where we share the insights of the day.

All the activities happen in Ashuma’s light and spacious hall, with comfortable wooden floor and all the necessary equipment. In between sessions you can take time for yourself and reflect, hang around in Ashuma’s lounge area or even go for a little hike! All activities are voluntarily, and you can always take more free time for yourself if you feel like.



1150€/person - accomodation in luxury tent with 2 single beds or 1 queen size bed (sleeps 2). Reserve your spot by paying the deposit of 250€. The rest of the total should be paid no later than 30 days prior to the starting of the retreat.



- Accomodation for 4 nights

- 4 x Brunch and dinner

- 4 x Morning yoga classes

- 4 x Mindfulness workshops

- 4 x Evening Movingness-classes

- Guided hike in nature

- Transportation to/from airport



- Flights to/from Montenegro

- Extra drinks/snacks

- Visas or other requirements you may need to enter Montenegro


PROGRAM (changes possible)


1 - 3 pm - Arriving & settling in

3 pm - Welcome circle

5 pm - Movingness class: Letting go of tension

7 pm - Dinner together

8 pm - Evening Circle



8 am - Yoga practice: Connecting with your energy

10 am - Nourishing brunch

12 pm - Mindfulness workshop: Introduction to mindfulness

5 pm - Movingness class: Feeling your body from within

7 pm - Dinner together

8 pm - Evening Circle



8 am - Yoga practice: Being in the moment

10 am - Nourishing brunch

12 pm - Mindfulness workshop: A training to learn to notice

2 pm - Guided hike in the mountains

5 pm - Movingness class: Creating a good feeling

7 pm - Dinner together

8 pm - Evening Circle



8 am - Yoga practice: Open heart, open body, open mind

10 am - Nourishing brunch

12 pm - Mindfulness workshop: Recognize your emotions, recognize yourself

5 pm - Movingness class: Unlocking your body

7 pm - Dinner together

8 pm - Evening Circle



8 am - Yoga practice: Connecting with the heart

10 am - Nourishing brunch

12 am - Mindfulness workshop: Cultivate compassion in our lives

3 pm - Goodbye circle



Aino López is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga and meditation teacher trained with Mantra Yoga & Meditation in Nepal, has BA in Dance from Institute of the Arts Barcelona and is certified somatic movement instructor (Movingness).  She is passionate about movement as a medicine for the body and soul, and blends techniques from Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, contemporary dance, somatic movement, breathwork, meditation and embodiment practises.


Aino guides her students with joy and compassion, giving you tools to embody peacefulness, to move in awareness and let go of tension in mind and body. She believes that by exploring everyone can find their own natural way of enjoying movement, and feels called to help her students towards more joyful living with ease and lightness, using practises that helps to go deeply within yourself when experiencing your body and emotions, refining your movement patterns and learning how to express freely through the body. The core essence of her classes is to stay connected with yourself, as it brings you naturally to a state of flow and enjoyment, which can then be brought to your everyday life.  


Francesca Sciattella has a background in psychology, with a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. After her degree she studied yoga in Australia for 2 years getting in touch with the Indian culture and with the sacred texts of the Indian tradition. Since then, she worked to find the way to connect psychology, yoga and meditation, as she believes they can work together offering a perfect lifestyle for those who want to experience life wholly. Now she is a fully certified Mindfulness Educator with a special focus on emotional management.

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