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Somatic self-care: Optimizing rest & recovery


somatic self-care - retreat in fuerteventura
26.11 - 2.12.2023

  • Yoga with a somatic approach

  • Sensing your body from within

  • Contact improvisation, contemporary dance & improvisation

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I am passionate about movement as medicine for the body and soul, and believe that everyone can find their own way of enjoying movement and bringing it as part of healthy living. I guide my students with joy and compassion, giving you tools to embody peacefulness, move in awareness and let go of tension in mind and body, so you can come back to your natural state of flow and enjoyment.

I help my students towards more joyful living with ease and lightness, with practises that helps you to go deeply within yourself when experiencing your body and emotions, ​refining your movement patterns and learning how to express freely through the body, while staying connected to yourself.

I blend techniques from Hatha and Vinyasa yoga, contemporary dance, somatic movement, breathwork, and various meditation and embodiment practises. I am Yoga Alliance certified yoga and meditation teacher (500hrs), trained in Europe and Nepal, I have BA in Dance and I am certified Movingness instructor with levels 1-3 (300hrs in somatic movement).

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