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Somatic Movement

Sensing your body from within

Movingness is a somatic movement method created by Peter Appel. It consist 3 levels, overall including 6 series of movement practices, combining with simple breathwork and meditation. All series are practiced slowly in a state of deep relaxation, which makes it possible to feel the body from within (interoception). The movements are both calming and stimulating for nervous system, leading to an experience of relaxation in the body and clarity in the mind. In Movingness we work towards a strong connection with our bodies and feeling at home in ourselves. The practise gives us tools to embody peacefulness, move in awareness and letting go of tension in mind and body. It helps us to move with ease and lightness, as well as to enjoy new level of softness and flexibility in the body, which can then be brought to everyday life. Movingness practise can be used to go deeply within yourself when experiencing your body and emotions, refining your movement patterns and learning how to express freely through your body. All the practises are based on staying connected with yourself, as it brings you naturally to a state of flow and enjoyment. Movingness practice is highly beneficial for anyone interested in movement & regulating the nervous system, body and mind integration and finding natural ways to move and feel good in your body. Classes can be tailored according to the needs of the group, depending of the experience level (not much experience of movement practices, some experience, professional experience like dancers, yoga teachers etc.) Each class is built around a theme, and examples forsome of the themes are: - Sensing yourself - Creating a good feeling - Tension and release - Unlocking your body - Using your full range of motion - Trusting your body - Taking in the good - Taking care of your imbalances - The four movement patterns

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