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Rest & Recover: Luxury Somatic Self-Care Retreat in Rural Northern Spain 14.09. - 20.09.24

Visualize yourself stepping into a world where the stresses of daily life melt away, replaced by the serene beauty of northern Spain. At Rest & Recover, our 7-day luxury retreat, you are invited on a transformative journey into somatic practices and body-based living. This retreat is your sanctuary, a place where you can reconnect with your authentic self and rediscover living with joy & harmony. 

A Journey to Tranquility

Rest & Recover Retreat offers wonderful escape from the demands of everyday life. Here, nature’s beauty becomes a part of your healing journey. Guided by experienced instructors, you’ll explore somatic practices that connect you deeply with your body, and through mindful movement, yoga, breathwork and meditation you’ll learn to release tension, manage stress, and cultivate a profound sense of inner peace. These practices aren’t just exercises; they are pathways to a more balanced and harmonious life.

Connect with Nature and Culture

Northern Spain is not just a backdrop for this retreat; it’s an integral part of your experience. You will explore the magical landscapes through guided excursions, and engage with the rich culture and history of the region. 

During the retreat we will take time to explore the nearby picturesque towns, including "the most beautiful Spanish town", and the surrounding nature with its valleys and natural caves. 

And of course, we are going to celebrate our last evening together with wine & cheese tasting! 

Retreat highlights

  • Somatic Movement: Dive deep into movement practices for a profound mind-body connection, expressing through the body, releasing tension and creating well-being within yourself.

  • Yoga & Meditation to find calmness and harmony in body & mind

  • Enjoy your free time at the hotel's outside pool, hot tub & garden area

  • Sharing Circles for cozy evenings by the fireplace 

  • Delicious vegetarian meals to nourish your body with organic and ingredients. 

  • Day trips to explore the unique surroundings of northern Spanish towns

  • Wine & cheese tasting to celebrate the last evening together

"Thank you for bringing me back to my body! Classes have been beautiful and powerful experiences where I’ve been able to feel my mind-body connection to strengthen." 


The boutique hotel is located  2 km from the famous Ojo Guareña caves, a cultural point of interest that attracts thousands of visitors annually. Nearby, you can visit the San Bernabé hermitage, the picturesque village of Puentedey, and urban areas such as Espinosa de los Monteros. Discover the Pasiegos valleys, the abandoned village of La Engaña with its cabins that will transport you 100 years back, Orbaneja de Castillo, Frias, and more.

The area is also known for biking, canoeing, rafting, kite surfing and kayaking, and we are happy to help you to organize any extra activities you might like. 



"Your inner wellness is what real luxury looks like"

Somatic movement workshops

In somatic movement classes we work on themes like: releasing tension from the body, creating a good and safe feeling within yourself, getting reconnected, releasing fascia and listening the subtle messages from our bodies. We will explore techniques to enhance well-being and resilience and to address nervous system dysregulation with bottom to up -methods.


Yoga & Meditation

During the retreat we are starting our days with peaceful yoga & meditation. These are gentle classes suitable for everyone, and gets you to start your day in a right amount of calmness and inspiration. In the evenings we have grounding Yin Yoga to unwind from the day and connect with the feminine energy.

Sharing Circles by the fireplace

As the evening draws in, we gather by the fireplace for one of the most cherished parts of your retreat experience: our Sharing Circles. The cozy ambiance create the perfect setting for heartfelt conversations and meaningful connections. Our Sharing Circles are designed to be a safe and supportive space for sharing, expressing, quiet reflection and peace.

Day Trips

During the retreat, we will take two afternoons for day trips to explore the nearby picturesque towns, natural caves, and surrounding nature. One day, we’ll embark on an exciting adventure with electric bikes, allowing you to enjoy the stunning landscapes in an eco-friendly and fun way. On another afternoon, we’ll hop into a comfortable minivan for a leisurely tour, providing a relaxing and scenic journey through the beautiful countryside and cultural sites.

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Treat Yourself with Extra Services

Book yourself a soothing massage or other holistic treatments to ensure that you will return from the retreat as relaxed and renewed as possible. 


Luxury Accomodation

Stay in beautifully renovated suites where rustic charm meets modern amenities. Each suite features a private bathroom and plenty of natural light (with wonderful views!) so you can enjoy the perfect blend of comfort and style.

Shared Triple Room

Spacious suite with private bathroom, 3 beds (sleeps 3)

1490€ per person

Shared Double Room

Spacious suite with private bathroom, 2 beds (sleeps 2)

1590€ per person

Private Room

Beautiful suite with private bathroom, sleeps 1



Retreat price includes:

  • 6 nights accomodation

  • Delicious vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner (on the day of arrival only dinner, and on the last day only breakfast).

  • Full retreat program with daily classes, workshops & activities

  • Day tours with e-bike rental and transportation in minivan

  • Transportation to/from Bilbao airport at following times: Saturday 14.09 at 4pm and Friday 20.09. at 1pm. 


Reserve your spot

Please leave message and Aino will get back to you very soon. To reserve your spot you will need to pay deposit of 15% of the total, and the remaining balance is due 14 days prior to starting of the retreat.

Shared Triple Room
Shared Double Room
Private Room

Meet Aino,

your retreat leader

I want to take you to a journey of self-discovery through somatic practices to explore your inner worlds, release tension in body and mind and (re)connect with your natural state of joy and ease. 

I have years of experience guiding women into more body-based living, and I do it with joy and compassion, encouraging you to go deeply within yourself when experiencing your body and emotions, use movement as medicine for the body and soul and overall live a little bit lighter and brighter. 



Do I need experience of movement or yoga practices?

No you don't, the level of the movement practices is open and suitable for beginners as well as for seasoned practicioners. You are always encouraged to listen to your own body and what feels good for you.

Will there be any free time during the retreat?

In this retreat we want to embrace a good balance of being relaxed & inspired, so each day you will have free time to enjoy the pool and other amenities of the hotel, or even go to explore the nearby towns and nature.

What is the cancellation policy?

The deposit is non-refundable (but in case you cancel your participation at least 30 days before the retreat it can be used towards your participation in our other upcoming retreats). Rest of the payment is fully refundable up to 30 days prior starting the retreat, after that only in case that we (Dancing Sun Yoga) would choose to cancel the retreat. 

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